Agriculture Departmental activities:

I . Organisation of Field Days

  1. Implementation of Strategy with reference to gaps identified in

Major crops

  1. Use of Organic Manure/ Green Manure
  2. Fertilisation Application including micro nutrients as per Soil test data
  3. Excess Nitrogen use reduction
  4. Balancing P&K Fertilizers.
  5. Bio fertilisers Use
  6. IPM Concept
  7. Bio Agents use
  8. Reduction in Pesticide usage
  9. Adoption Water management
  10. Crop substitution cropping intensity

III. Crop cuts and Evaluation in relation to bench mark productivity on Day/Joining and Productivity on crop cuts at end of season/Year.

  1. Quality Control ( No. of Raids , No. of Seized , no of cases filed.)

V . Crisis Forecast and Management.

  1. General credibility with the Farmers.

Schemes of Agriculture Department (PDF 409 KB)

Key Contacts of Agriculture Department (PDF 322 KB)