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Tourism Places

1) Importance of the


Pedda Cheruvu (Big Lake)
Pedda Cheruvu (Big Lake)
A big natural lake at Mahabubnagar, popularly known as Pedda Cheruvu (Big Lake), was naturally formed in about 98 acres of land vide Sy.No.67 and situated in the middle of the Mahabubnagar District Headquarter. The depth of the natural lake is between 20' to 40'. This is also strategically located beside the Stadium at Mahabubnagar. The lake is having bund road of about 1 ½ km length around the lake with metal road and soil.

Mahabubnagar is consisting very good Muslim population. Muslims are very much interested and relax at this natural lake even though there are no minimum amenities.

Some thousands of local residents, who are residing around the lake are using this bund road daily as it is shortest route to reach main road/bus stand.

2) National Importance

This destination has no national importance but tourists, who came from other States also visit this destination along with the local residents whenever they visit this destination.

2) Location and Reach

Road: Visitors can reach the destination very easily as this is located in the Mahabubnagar itself. The location is quite accessible (1 km away) from the Mahaboobnagar Bus Stand and from Railway Station. Mahaboobnagar is located nearer to NH-7 of Hyderabad to Kurnool Road . National High Way No.7 links in the district to Nagpur and Bangalore.

Rail: The nearest railway station is located at Mahabubnagar. A Broad Gauge Railway line links the district to Hyderabad, Guntakal, Hubli and Tirupathi.

Air: The other nearest Airport is at Shamshabad (Hyderabad).

4) Jurisdiction of the


The natural lake is under the jurisdiction of Revenue Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh but the land belongs and under the control of MahabubnagarMunicipality.

5) Road Condition

Mahaboobnagar is located nearer to NH-7 of Hyderabad to Kurnool Road. NH-7 is laid down with 4 lines road (120') recently as per Infrastructure Development Plan. The road condition to reach the destination from Mahaboobnagar to LakeSite is good and BT road (tar road) to reach the destination entry point without any problem.

6) Present Status of Tourist Attractions around the Destination

The following are the main tourist places/attractions available around the proposed destination.

Ø Pillalamarri - 3 km

Ø All the destinations/temples proposed for heritage circuit in Mahabubnagar district

7) Visitors Flow at the


The flow of visitors to the destination has been increasing every year. As per the local people and officials of destinations, the visitors' flow during the three years is as below:


Approximate No. of Visitors







It found that more than 1000 people per day on an average are visiting and many passing through the destination to reach their places. The number goes up on Sundays, Festivals and Public Holidays. During summer and winter seasons and school/college vacations, the flow at the lake increases to some extent.

8) Estimated Future Visitors Flow

The visitors' flow to the destination has been increasing year by year and the estimated future flow of visitors/tourists is as follows.


Estimated Visitors







Justification for Tourist Flow

The logic behind the estimation of future visitors' flow is that there is huge potential to attract the visitors. The rationale is as follows.

Ø There is no water body surrounding to Mahabubnagar for relaxation purpose except this for natural environment and entertainment

Ø If landscaping and other amenities are developed, this will be the good tourists relaxation place in future

Ø Finest spot to spend pleasant weekends by the officials, business people, students of the district.

Ø Increasing number of tourists from Mahabubnagar and other parts of the surrounding places of Mahabubnagar

Ø A number of educational institutions (engineering and medical colleges) in and around Mahabubnagar are located

Ø The peak days are generally Sundays, holidays and festival days and the flow increases to some extent

Ø The flow of tourists is more in May, June and July is high due to holidays to the students

Ø The average growth of visitors' flow is increasing on an average of 10% - 20%. Apart from this, if the Tourism Department made special promotional work and provided better infrastructure facilities to stay that can add another 10% - 15%.

9) Special Days of Attraction and Visitors Flow

It revealed from the field survey that the visitors prefer the following days in general.

Weekends (Sundays and Saturdays)

Vinayaka Chavithi - Very huge tourist flow

Festival Days and Public Holidays - Increase tourist flow

Vacations (like Summer Vacation and Winter Vacation)

10) Income Profile of Visitors

The approximate income profile of visitors to the destination is as below:

Lower Income People: 20%

Middle Income People: 60%

Higher Income People: 20%

The people who are living in and surrounded villages are belongs to middle-income group and have been visiting the destination.

11) Purpose of Visit

Most of pilgrims visit the destination primarily for recreation and enjoyment purpose. Tourists enjoy the natural environment here. It is also found that a good number of Muslims visit the destination frequently. Majority of the people watch the tank bund and natural environment while passing through the natural tank.

12) Origin of Tourists

The approximate percentage of tourists and places from where the tourists visited the destination are as follows.

Ø 90% of visitors from Mahaboobnagar

Ø 9% from other places/districts of Andhra Pradesh

Ø 1% from other States and countries

13) Mode of Transport

Majority of the pilgrims, who are residing around lake and living in Mahabubnagar visits this destination. More number of tourists visits the destination while passing through on the tank bund. They generally visit by 2-wheelers and auto rickshaws.

14) Frequency of Visits

It found that 10% of the visitors are new persons and visited the destination first time. About 90% of the tourists/visitors have been repeating the visit to the destination for recreation/relaxation.

15) Group Size

Almost all the visitors have been coming to the destination along with their family members. The group size consists of about 2 to 5 persons in general.

16) Accommodation Facilities & Booking Facilities

There are no guest facilities as the lake is abandoned for development for lack of funds to relax at water body/lake site. There is good number of lodging facilities available in Mahabubnagar at 1 km away from the destination.

17) Food & Beverages Facilities

There is no restaurant at the destination or exactly at the lake. There are a number of small, medium and good restaurants/hotels available in Mahabubnagar just ½ km away.

18) Illumination Facilities

Illumination facilities are available at the lake and surrounding places at very minimum. Illumination facilities are available in the surrounding places beside the lake where residents are living.

19) Sewerage and Public Toilets

There are no public toilets for the tourists at the destination for public. There is sewerage system for the natural lake (inlet and outlet).

20) Water Facilities

There are no drinking water facilities available at the destination.

21) Banking/ATM Facilities

SBH, SBI, Andhra Bank, Syndicate Bank and almost all nationalised banks are available at Mahabubnagar. ATM facility is also available at Mahabubnagar.

22) Emergency Health Facility

There are a good number of government and private hospitals with nursing homes, diagnostic centres, and medical shops available in Mahabubnagar district.

23) Cleanness

The lake premises looking natural as there are no hotels/eatables and any kind of facilities to make dirty, unclean the premises by the visitors. The premises look natural even though the authority has not been maintaining cleanness.

24) Landscaping and Park Maintenance

The authority is not maintaining any landscaping at the destination. There are also no proper sitting facilities at prominent places at the destination place.

25) Safety/Security of Tourists

The destination is located at about 1 km away from bus stand and in the middle of Mahabubnagar. The residents are living around and away from the lake. There is no problem for safety of tourists. There is one Police Station with district administrative office at Mahabubnagar.

26) Guide Services

There is no guide available at the destination as there is no need to explain the history and other characteristics of this natural lake.

27) Wayside Amenities

All facilities/amenities are available in Mahabubnagar. Availability of support services like car rentals, car maintenance, fuel stations, air filling stations, information centres, etc are available.

28) Communication Facilities

It noticed that all mobile phones receive signals at the destination. Coin operated PCO boxes are available at a distance of 1/4th km away from the destination.

29) Marketing Facilities (Information Centre, Destination Boards, Direction Boards, Brochures, etc)

There is no published material (brochures, pamphlets, etc) about the lake. There are no destination and direction boards established by the concerned authority.

30) Shopping Facilities

There are a good number of shops available for shopping facilities in the Mahabubnagar.

31) Local Transportation

A number of autos/sharing autos are available in Mahabubnagar for traveling purpose from all corners of Mahabubnagar.

32) Vehicles Parking Facilities

At present, no systematic parking facility is available at the lake. Visitors are parking their vehicles as per their convenience along the tank bund.

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