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Tourism Places

National Attraction - Pillala Marri

Pillala Marri
Pillala Marri
This age old tree is located around 3 Kms from Mahaboob Nagar District head quarters and 90 Kms away from HyderabadCity. Nature itself is a great magician. It is showing many wonders and attracting human beings towards nature. Pillalamarri great Banyan Tree is one of the wonders attracting many people. The tree is approximately 700 years old and spread into many branches so that people call it as Pillalamarri. One could not see the main trunk of the tree. There are three great Banyan Trees in India and Pillalamarri is one among them.

The tree is a special attraction in the district for the visitors. The tourism department has started an exhibition centre here. The statues and sculptures found in the district are exhibited in the exhibition here. A historical ShivaTemple which was submerged under Srisailam Project was relocated here. A mini zoo with bird park and animal parks were also added as attractions to this place.

Beautiful Dancing Spot of Nallamala - Farahabad

This place is located about 26 Kms away from Mannanur in the deep forest area on the Highway from Hyderabad to Srisailam. Picturesque Nallamala Hills are spread in this district also. This place comes under Nagarjuna Sagar Srisailam Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread in 3,500 Sq. Kms and it is a tiger reserve. This area is famous for innumerable flora and fauna and covered with rare medicinal plants. Highest range of Nallamaila Hills, DeepValleys, thick forests, Small Streams, and sacred River Krishna are the main attractions here. One can go for trekking and Bird Watching in the forest. To show all these pleasant spots Forest Department has established a view point called Farahbad. A special attraction has been created to show the forest from the edge point of a hill. If you see from that point the natural beauty of the forest will give you a lot of pleasure. To attract the Tourists huts have been constructed. The Tigers in Nallamala Forests have a unique National Record. The Survey Conducted in 1932 during Nizam Period in this forest alone indicated 63 Tigers in this forest.

Mallela Theertham

This place is located about 9 Kms away from Vatuvarlapalli village on the high way from Hyderabad to Srisailam. There is a direct bus facility from Achampet. Mallelatheertham is the natural water fall in Nallamala Forests. The water falls from a height of Approximately 500 feet and it is beautiful and attractive. All around highest mountains and thick forests adds to beauty of the nature. People believe that in the night Ghandarvas and Kinneras are arriving and singing songs here.

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