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National Attraction - Pillala Marri

Pillala Marri
Pillala Marri
This age old tree is located around 3 Kms from Mahaboob Nagar District head quarters and 90 Kms away from HyderabadCity. Nature itself is a great magician. It is showing many wonders and attracting human beings towards nature. Pillalamarri great Banyan Tree is one of the wonders attracting many people. The tree is approximately 700 years old and spread into many branches so that people call it as Pillalamarri. One could not see the main trunk of the tree. There are three great Banyan Trees in India and Pillalamarri is one among them.

The tree is a special attraction in the district for the visitors. The tourism department has started an exhibition centre here. The statues and sculptures found in the district are exhibited in the exhibition here. A historical ShivaTemple which was submerged under Srisailam Project was relocated here. A mini zoo with bird park and animal parks were also added as attractions to this place.

Specialties of the Destination: • The Banyan Tree is more than 700 years old. • Archeology department maintaining A small musem with the collections of sculptures thorugh out the district. • There is a mini Zoo maaintaing by the forest Department. • Mini Nursery maintaining by the Horty culture department. • Temple, Dargas located at this destination. • Deer park is special attraction.

National Importance :The destination has national importance. It is a 700 years old Banyan tree.

Location and Reach: Road: Visitors can reach the destination either from Hyderabad (102 km away) from Mahabubnagar It is only 04 kms away. Rail: The nearest railway station is Mahabubnagar, which is about 06kms Air: The nearest Airport is at Shamshabad (Hyderabad). The Banyan Tree is under the jurisdiction and control of Tourism department, Government of Telangana.

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