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Tourism Places

Gadwal Fort

Gadwal Fort
Gadwal Fort
Gadwal is Located on National Highway No. 7 in between Hyderabad and Kurnool and is only 16 Kms away from Erravelli Junction. Mahaboobnagar district also called as territorial district, because there are so many territorial rulers than any other districts in Andhra Pradesh. Among all these Gadwal is very famous. It is also referred as "Vidvadgadwala".

The Gadwal rulers Peda Soma Bhupaludu (Somanadri) has built this fort during 17th Century. The Fort was constructed with huge walls and moats around the fort have made the Gadwala Fort very strong and impregnable. Even after completion of 300 years, the strength of the Fort is not lost. Their main deity SriChennakesavaSwamyTemple, Sri Venugopala Swamy temple, Sri Ramalayam and Water Body (Koneru) are located inside the Fort. Sri Pedda Soma Bhupala has defeated the Nawab of kurnool and brought 32 feet long Cannon which was the biggest in the country is still in the fort. Gadwala is also famous for silk Sarees. The weavers can weave a Silk Saree which can be kept in a match Box.

The Famous Panagal Fort

Panagal Fort is one of the Famous Hill Forts in Andhra Pradesh. It was built by Kalyani Chalukya Kings during 11th and 12th Centuries A.D. It is located about 30 Kms away from Wanaparthy towards Kollapur. The fort is spread in hundreds of acres with Seven Gateways / Entrances. The Main entrance is called as Mundlagavini and is a Special attraction of this fort. It was built with huge granite rocks. We can find small ponds, bushes, Uyyala Mandapam, etc., with beautiful architecture in side of the fort. Many deadly wars took place among the dynasties like Bahamani, Vijayanagara, Padmanayaka and Qutub Shahis etc at this fort. The Very famous stories like Balanagamma, Mayalapakir of stage and cinema are having connection with this place.

The Hill Fort - Chandraghad

This Hill Fort is located in Atmakur Mandal nearer to Jurala Project. The picturesique Hill fort is located on the banks of river Krishna. This Fort was built during Peshwas and belongs to Chandrasena Jilledar. The fort was constructed very strongly to store the grains and taxes collected from people. After Storage the grains will be transferred to Peshwas when ever required by them. Along with the storage facilities ShivaTemple also exist in this fort. In this hill fort 5 Ponds also exist. These Ponds are always filled with pure water. You can See this fort from a distance of a few kilometers.

Khilla Ghanpur

This fort is located about 26 Kms away from Mahaboob Nagar District head quarters. This is a hill fort and was built by joining to mountains by Kakathiya King Gona Ganapa Reddy during the Year A.D. 1224. The King is Son of the famous Ranganatha Ramayana Writer Sri Gona Budda Reddy. The name of Ghanapuram Killa came into existence from the name of Kakatiya Ruler Sri Ganapathi Deva.

In Side the Temple you can see Veerabhadraeswarea Alayam, NarsimhaswamyTemple and ChowdeswariTemple. To protect from enemies the cannons have kept on the upper side of the fort. Inside the fort one can see King's Palace and Ministers Houses. People believe that there are two secret tunnels inside of the fort. One is connected with the village in the bottom of the mountain and another one is connected with the Panagal fort. Historically this is a very important Fort. This fort has witnessed many wars between Bahamanis, Vijayanagara Kings, Bijapur Kings and Qutb Shahi Kings etc.

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