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Police Stations - Contacts
SnoDesignation STDPhoneEmail Cell
Supdt. of Police
1Superintendent of Police(SP) 08542243300, 243399 9440795700
2Addl. Supdt. of Police 08542243392  9440795701
Deputy Supdt. of Police(DSP)
3Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mahabubnagar 9440795719, 9963331746
4Deputy Superintendent of Police, Narayanpet 9440050220
Inspector of Police (C.I.)
5Inspector of Police, Jadcherla-R 9440795709
6Inspector of Police, Makthal 9440900919
7Inspector of Police, MBNR (Rural) 9440795705
8Inspector of Police MBNR (Town) 08542277036  9440795706
9Inspector of Police, Narayanpet 9440900898
 Inspector of Police, Marikal  
 Inspector of Police, WPS  
 Inspector of Police,CCS  
 Inspector of Police, Traffic      9440795717
 Women Police Station  
Sub-Inspector (S.I.) of Police
10S.I. of Police, Addakal 9440795730
11S.I. of Police, Boothpur 08542236233 9440900913
12S.I. of Police, Balanagar 9440795742
13S.I. of Police, Chinnachintakunta 08504227133 9494223142
14S.I. of Police, Damargidda 9490619611
15S.I. of Police, Devekadra 9440904769
16S.I. of Police, Hunwada 08542237533 9490619630
17S.I. of Police, Jadcherla 08542233333 9440795710
18S.I. of Police, Kosgi 9490619623
19S.I. of Police, Krishna 9490619621
20S.I. of Police, Maddur 9490619620
21S.I. of Police, Maganoor 08503285033 9490619622
22S.I. of Police, Mahabubnagar (I Town) 08542276333
23S.I. of Police, Mahabubnagar (II Town) 08542223333
24S.I. of Police, Mahabubnagar (Rural)
25S.I. of Police, Makthal 9440904762
26S.I. of Police, Marikal 9440904760
27S.I. of Police, Moosapet 9440851136
28S.I. of Police, Mohammadabad 9440627266
29S.I. of Police, Midjil 08549281198 9440900911
30S.I. of Police, Narayanpet 9440900899
31S.I. of Police, Narwa 9440904770
32S.I. of Police, Nawabpet 9490619614
33S.I. of Police, Rajapur 9440926938
34S.I. of Police, Utkoor 9440904763
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