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District Infrastructure


The District has well connected Rail, Roadways in the District. National High way No.7 links the district to Nagpur and Bangalore. A Broad Gauge Railway line links the district to Hyderabad Guntakal, Hubli and Tirupathi. The District has a Broad Gauge Railway length of 195 Km and 197 Km of National Highway 7 besides 1290 Km Z.P.Roads and 1261 Km Other District Roads. With the proposed International AirPort at Shamshabad the District will soon be connected by Air with the rest of the World. Some information on Communication network details are as indicated.

National Highway : 197 Km

State Highway : 695 Km

Z.P. Roads : 1290 Km

Other District Roads : 1261 Km

Length of Railway line : 195 Km


There is surplus power available in the district for industrial purposes. Further Express Feeders have been setup to cater the industrial needs. There are 112 Substations with 10,813 Nos. of Distribution Transformers with LT Lines of 33,365.63 Kms and others 13,903.1 Kms. The details are indicated.


1. 220 KV/132 KV 2 Nos

2. 132 KV/33 KV 9 Nos

3. 33 KV/11 KV 101 Nos.

4. Distribution Transformers 10,813 Nos.

Length of lines:

1. LT Lines 33,365.63 Kms

2. 11 KV Lines 11,650.70 Kms

3. 33 KV Lines 1,796.20 Kms

4. 132 KV Lines 374.60 Kms

5. 220 KV Lines 81.60 Kms

The power drawn in the district during the year of 1999-2000 is 2343 MW while it was 2282 MW in the year 2000-2001. The decrease in the total power drawal can be due to the reason of load shedding and non availability of power during peak reasons.

Total power drawals for the district. 1999-2000 2000-2001

2343 MU 2282 MU

Existing Industrial Estates/Industrial Development Areas:

There is One Industrial Estate in the district located at Mahabubnagar and 4 Industrial Development Areas at Kothur, Jadcherla, Palem, Gadwal, Almost all plots, sheds and shops developed are allotted to the entrepreneurs except Gadwal. The details of Area, Sheds constructed, Vacancy position is given here under:

Sl. No. Name of Industrial Park Total Area Prevailing Rates

In Acres

1 IDA Kothur 96.72 300/-

IDA Kothur - UDL 84.88 300/-

2 I.E. Mahabubnagar 34.60 800/-

3 IDA Palem 32.03 20/-

4 IDA, Jadcherla 22.27 275/-

5 IDA Gadwal 154.45 150/-

6 Growth Centre, Jadcherla 1001.16 275/-

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